Andrew Skelton: Blog en-us (C) Andrew Skelton (Andrew Skelton) Mon, 10 Nov 2014 17:35:00 GMT Mon, 10 Nov 2014 17:35:00 GMT Andrew Skelton: Blog 86 120 Being Kept In The Dark Hello again, Dear Reader, hope you're keeping well despite the inclement weather of late.  Autumn is well and truly here, and whilst the orange and red hues of the deciduous trees all around, I find the dark nights and grey days less conducive for any spectacular images... well, that was until I took this photo a couple of weeks ago.  

With my wildlife and nature photography I'm trying to ensure there's more than enough light available which was the complete opposite to taking this photo.  All the lights in the room were switched off, and the floor to ceiling curtains drawn with just one partially left open (though I suspect you might have already figured this out for yourself, Dear Reader).  

With the exception of fast moving animals or when at a sporting event I always shoot in Manual Mode; whilst aperture priority mode is pretty good (the only other mode I use) I prefer to have more control over the exposure, something that was paramount when taking this shot.  If I'd let the camera decide on the exposure then final image would have been much, much brighter and the whole effect would have been lost.  

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Return to duty!

Hello, Dear Reader, and welcome.  A new website, and a new excuse to blog, not that I've needed it in the past as those who are already familiar with my incoherent ramblings will testify (though their testimony will be inadmissible as evidence should things become somewhat litiginous). For those who haven't had the please (ie those who HAVE read my old blogs!), in a moment of madness I decided to write a blog a day, every day and 

managed to keep going for nearly 2 years before the monkeys who needed a new venture having previously completed the works of Shakespeare had worn away the equipment I'd given them.

For those familiar with my previous missives, you may have noticed a slight "sea change" when it comes to the photographic content, though sadly the same can't be said for the accompanying prose (I'm still composing these until the new batch of monkey's I've employed are up to speed).  There will be less, if any, four legged creatures instead I'm now focused (no pun intended, my puns are much worse) on the two legged humanoid variety though you may well see some of the former if you visit my Flickr stream.  

For the moment, Dear Reader, I'll leave you with an image I'm particularly pleased with... until we meet again, adieu.



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